About Us


Moving Service is a professional and reliable removals company which caters to all of our clients who require quick and efficient relocation services to enable them to relocate their belongings without the unnecessary fuss, hassle and inconveniences that you may come across when you relocate with some less professional and inexperienced moving teams or should you take the risk of taking on the move yourself. Hiring the professionals to do a job for you is always the smarter option, providing of course that the firm really is as professional as they state. A professional company, such as ours, can really make a difference to the way that you feel and the quality of the end result after they have provided you with a product or service. This is the same when we relocate our clients (or to be more exact – their boxes, bags, furniture and other items) to their new premises or property. We operate removal services from London to many European destinations which are both close by and further afield. Our removal deals come in a range of different types, sizes and can be arranged also at different times, depending of course on what works best for you as the client. At our removals firm the client and the move of our client are the two most important things to us which is why we aim to do everything in our powers to ensure that each customer who chooses to call us up on Call Now! to book their move from London with us gets the best deals and the best high-quality services for their money and time.

Moving from London does not have to be time-consuming, especially if you choose to hire our professional, dedicated team, as we are aware of all of the ways in which we can undertake your move from London to many destinations within the United Kingdom, Great Britain and many other European countries too so that you do not experience any of the inconvenience or upset during this time. Despite the fact that you may be moving quite a distance when you move from your current London property or premises with our team, you will not feel or experience the effects or problems during the process, as we have it covered, checked and under control at all times.

There are many things that set our firm aside from other similar removal companies which offer similar services and one of these things experience, along with knowledge, skills and a very reliable and excellent team of dedicated office personnel and removals staff. Our company is one that has been a long-running company and was established many years ago, so moving our clients from London to their new destinations is really no problem for us and is certainly not a new thing for us and therefore you really can’t go wrong when you hire our company to relocate you to your new overseas or nearby property. Only with Moving Service will you have the convenient opportunity to choose as and when your relocation goes ahead and in addition, you may also make use of our fantastic help, tips and support which we can offer you any time that you call up our team on Call Now!. Help is always on hand and our professionalism is always with you when you hire our company so make the right choice when moving from London and hire our company today!