04 November 2020

Good Reasons to Move in Sweden

A lot of us will, at some time or another in our lives, have the desire to move away from the country we call home. Possibly for a new job, or for a spouse, or maybe just to try out a different culture, relocating internationally is fairly common. Whilst Sweden is not always top of the list for countries that ex-pats relocate to, Sweden can offer some individuals the perfect lifestyle switch.

Sweden. The country that bought us flat-pack furniture and there oh so delicious meatballs. Sandwiched in between Finland and Norway, and just above Denmark, Sweden is a nation of great natural beauty. If you’re considering moving away but are undecided on where to move to, then take a look at the things Sweden can offer its residence:

1) Benefits
Although Sweden has some of the highest tax on high-earners in the world, you get what you pay for. Sweden offers employees five weeks paid for vacation, free healthcare, unlimited sick days, cheap daycare, and lengthy maternal leave. So if you do move to Sweden and you are unfortunate enough to come down with an illness, it won’t bankrupt you and you will be receiving some of the best healthcare the world can offer. Of course, to be entitled to the full range of benefits, you must first put into the system. So be sure to ensure you have a job before you decide to relocate.

2) Education
Sweden’s education system is consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world. Their system does not emphasize competition between schools and pupils; rather its emphasis is on making sure every individual achieves their potential. If you want to relocate in order to start a family, then know that your children will receive some of the best free education in the world in Sweden. On top of all that, higher education is also free. So if you give birth to your child in Sweden, or have them take up Sweden nationality or residency, know that their education will – all the way up to the age of 21-22 – will fully be paid for by the state. Now compare that with the new 9k per-year fees that UK Universities are now charging there undergraduate students.

3) It is beautiful
Sweden enjoys the best of both worlds when it comes to climate: in the winter you get proper snowy conditions, and in the summer you get 18 hours or more of sunlight per day. Northern Sweden is home to truly stunning natural wonders with their endless amounts of national parks and reservations. If getting on the tube and travelling 12 stops to work just isn’t doing it for you anymore, then imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up, draw your curtain and see a vast winter wonderland in the colder seasons, and a plethora of waterfalls and lakes in the summer season.

4) It is only an hour or two away from the wonders of the rest of Europe
Other than the rest of the Nordic countries, Sweden is only an hour or two by plane from England, Germany, Holland, France, and Russia. In this sense, it’s not as remote as many people think it is. If you aren’t already a citizen of the EU, then living in Sweden will offer you a path to become a Swedish and EU citizen, meaning you can travel freely in any EU country.

5) The Public Transport
If you’re not a big fan of driving, then know that you can get easily get wherever you want in Sweden using their public transport system. In the cities, such as Stockholm, there are buses, trains, trams, and underground, and the surrounding rural areas can be easily reached for a low cost by bus, train, or even plane.