04 November 2020

What to Know About Moving to France

Every now and again we all get that urge to move to a more refined setting and live in a place where art is life and romanticise about our life there. France is the go-to country for any such dreams. With its exquisite language, grandiose sights, and all the opportunities it offers, France is among the most preferred countries for relocation. It is not rare that an Englishman will move house to there and live a bit among the arts, but that life is definitely not for everybody. Sometimes living in France only serves as an eye-opener and a deeper look within yourself. But whatever you discover, here are some of the things that you will realise after moving home to France. removals to France

1. French is a must
Moving to a different country means knowing that country’s language. Despite English becoming more and more widely-used and the closest the world has gotten to having a global language, there are still the prideful countries who prefer their own language. And while you can get by in France as a tourist by using only English, if you want to live there, then make time and make an effort and learn French. Don’t be one of ‘those Brits’. learn French

2. Money will be a problem
At first, at least. The whole trip itself will be a huge burden on your finances as there are very few ways you can save money. It’s not like you can simply hire a man and van and go there to live in the first flat. Moving house to another country means a lot of forward planning and reserving tickets and dealing with foreign estate agents. Make sure you have the budget to undergo the move and then to survive or a while until you have stepped firmly on your feet. currency

3. Leave the romance at the door
No, not love. Don’t be fooled by the romantic ideas that assault everybody who moves to France. Once you are part of the population there, it is a country just like every other. Among all the art and cheese and French bread and mini moustaches, you still get to deal with rent, bills, your job, traffic and other everyday problems that you have at home. The difference is, you will be surrounded by a different language and more art. French romance is for tourists, you have to learn to live there as a citizen. moving to France

4. The City of Rollers
If you relocate to Paris, you will find a little surprise waiting for you during your first nights there. Once the sun goes down, the night roller skates are take out and the city becomes a dynamic roller-skating rink. Not everywhere, of course, but it is a popular thing there. How good are your own skating skills? roller skating

5. You need friends
And, of course, you will need to make friends. Being alone in a new place in another country is no way to spend your life. If your language skills are not developed enough, then seek the local expat community – there is always one. But you need to start making friends ASAP. The sooner you get your posse, the easier life will get from now on. make friends after removals

Life in a new country will not be the same, and yet it will be completely the same. The change of scenery and lifestyle you will find refreshing, but you will still be facing the same everyday troubles that await you at your current home. The point is to hit the refresh button and enjoy life in a new place. This is how France will surprise you – by not surprising you at all and showing you more of the same you are familiar with. Just in French.