04 November 2020

Great Reasons to Move to Italy

If you woke up today and drew your curtain to find it’s raining outside for the 15th day in the row, no one can really blame you for wanting to move out of Britain and into somewhere where the weather is much nicer. There are over 5 million British ex-pats living around from. From Canada and America, to Singapore and Australia – no matter where you go in the world, you will always find an at least somewhat big British ex-pat community.

Most British ex-pats reside in the European Union, simply because as an EU citizen they are free to live in any EU country. Although Spain and France are generally considered more popular choices, Italy is increasingly becoming a popular relocation destination for British ex-pats. And why not? Italy is a country of great culture and heritage, food and natural beauty. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider hightailing it out of the UK and move to Italy:

1) The food
Italian food as truly conquered the world. Pizza is the globes favourite meal, and pasta can be found in the kitchens of homes from Rio to Timbuktu. Using simple, but fresh and incredibly delicious ingredients, Italian cuisine has been considered one of the best in the world for decades, if not centuries. If inventing and championing the pizza and pasta wasn’t enough for you, you can also thank the Italians for ice cream, or gelato – by far the world’s favourite desert.

2) The climate
It is no secret that Italy’s climate is seen as somewhat preferable to the UKs. With temperatures regularly staying about 25 degrees Celsius in the summer, Italy is one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations for a reason. As the country sits in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean, you will never be more than an hour or so drive from the nearest coastline, meaning you can enjoy the sunshine by the sea, no matter where you are in the country.

3) The natural beauty
Italy has the best of both worlds; in the summer you can go to the beaches and enjoy the weather, and in the winter you can enjoy the snowy Alps in their full majestic glory. Water-skiing in the summer, actual skiing in the winter – need there be anything else said on the matter?

4) The shopping
Italy is famous for being a worldwide leader in fashion. If you are a fashion junky, there is really no better city for shopping in the world than Milan – a true mecca for shoppers.

5) The heritage
As we all know, Italy has a long and rich heritage behind. Rome was, of course, the origin of the Roman Empire: Europe’s first global superpower. Their proud empirical history can be seen in countless museums in the capital, and you can also visit ancient cites, such as the coliseum. Italy was also a catalyst in the renaissance years, boasting such contributors as Galileo, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and many more men that we hold in such high esteem today.

6) A religious undertaken
Italy is home to the world’s largest religion: Christianity. Vatican city, although a sovereign state in its own right, is located within the borders of Italy. Many other amazing religious cites exist in Rome and other areas of Italy. If you are a catholic, it is truly the greatest place in the world to celebrate your faith.

7) Moving to Italy means you can holiday within the country
As mentioned above, in the summer there is sun and in the winter there is snow. There is also beauty cities such as Rome, Milan, and Venice – what more could you want!