04 November 2020

Hire Man with Van Service When Moving to France

Moving to France is like a dream come true. You can either go for the chic streets of Paris, the beaches of the southern Riviera, or even the rough countryside farmhouses of rustic central France. You will be spoilt for choice, and the beauty of the areas that you will be visiting will be something that you will never get used to. The idea of getting everything there can be a little less pleasant, however.

You will have a bit of a dilemma on your hands when moving abroad, especially if it is a permanent move. The idea of parting with your home can be tearjerking enough, but the decision as to whether to take your furniture with you is an important factor in the overall costs and effort of your move. If you are moving from a British house to a French one, then you may not have room for everything, and this is assuming that the furniture even looks right in the new place. You may be an avid antique collector who knows exactly how their items will look in the new place, and in this case you will not want to part with your most precious items. If you just have fairly regular furniture that you are not massively connected to, however, then you will most likely want to get rid of everything, make some money by selling it, save cash on the move, and then enjoy the process of buying new items of furniture for the new flat, to make the move process to France that little bit more exciting.

If you are going to hold on to your things then you will have to get the man and van service when moving to France by doing the proper research. You may have your reservations as to whether you will actually need to hire man and van for the job, but this can be a massive mistake. Many of us will look to save money by doing all of the shipping ourselves, and this can be where things become even more expensive. Firstly, you will have to spend ages wrapping everything up for transit, and then you will be spending hours calling around different shipping companies for quotes and the like. All this without understanding the ins and outs of the process in the first place. Basically you will spend a lot of time and effort without ever really knowing whether you are getting a good deal or doing things in the right way. For these reasons, you will most likely save money by using a well-experienced man and van hire.

Finding such service is admittedly a little harder than it sounds, but all is not difficulty and effort, as you now have the power of the internet and the comments of previous customers at your fingertips. Independent reviews sites are a great place to find out as to which company will deliver its promise of making your international move a smooth and easy process. Look for companies that get a good overall score, from eight out of ten and upwards, and then read through the individual comment to find out which one is best suited to your needs. Look for consistently great reviews that do not betray any risk of laziness, tardiness or bad customer service. Obviously there is likely to be a couple of disgruntled customers here and there, but one or two bad comments out of a hundred good ones is nothing to worry about. Avoid any that get mixed reviews all the time, however, as these are not the kinds of risks that you’ll be wanting to take.