05 November 2020

Removals and Storage Services When Moving to Edinburgh

If you are moving a long distance between homes, then you may well find yourself in a quandary as to where to store your extraneous items. There will be a reason to store things close to your original house, as well as near to your new place, so which one is best? Let’s look at the pros and cons of your long distance storage options.

This can be the case when you are moving from London to Edinburgh. You have a decent amount of furniture that you know will not fit in to the new place, either because you have too few rooms, or because the front door is too small! However, you will be moving on from the Edinburgh house to somewhere else in the UK in a year or so, as apparently your job is rather all over the place. You want to keep hold of those items that you cannot fit in to the new place, because they are valuable to you both monetarily and emotionally, and they may well fit in to a future house that you envision yourself in the not too distant future. You have so many potential storage options that it is hard to know what to do with your stuff! Let’s investigate the different scenarios…

Local London storage may be perfect. There are loads of storage units all around the country, but London will have the most, naturally, as it is the capital. Therefore, you can save a load of effort in the short term by getting your items stored away nearby before the removals team even get to your house, saving time on the day of the move, as well as money in some sense, as the removals team will have to do less. This is great, but when you move on, will the effort of having to get all the way back to London to pick everything be worth the initial benefits? It is hard to say at this point, but there are more options available to you, fear not!

Taking everything with you when moving to Edinburgh would be a bit of extra work for your removals team and may bump the price a little, but then putting them in storage near your new place would mean that you could check up on them much more easily and regularly, which would mean that you were not worrying about their safety and state all the time at your new place. It would also mean that when you move on to the new place in a years time, you can just swing by the storage unit pretty easily and pick them up. Simple!

There is another option, and it is one that may cost a little more, but seems to be worth it in terms of removing both of the problems listed above. Certain companies that do removals will also offer a storage unit service, which is a comprehensive way to do things. They will take your items, pack and stack them safely, and store them at their own warehouse, where they will be protected from theft and the elements. When you decide you want your items, they can deliver them to your place, wherever you are.

Obviously, this wonderful option where everything is done for you will be quite a bit more pricy than doing things yourself, but in terms of putting your mind at ease as well as reducing your work load and stress levels, it seems like a pretty obvious option!