05 November 2020

Where are the Cheapest Areas to Live Outside London?

London is a fabulous city to visit, but a bit crowded and expensive to live in. The city is one of the capitals of the world with endless possibilities for fun, entertainment, work, education and business. Living in a commuter town around London is one of the best ways to take advantage of everything the city has to offer and at the same time find affordable accommodation in a tranquil ambience. If you are considering relocation to the capital of the UK, it is worth exploring the pros and cons of the 10 most affordable commuter towns around London.

1.    Basildon is a lovely town lying 33 minutes away from the London Fenchurch by train. Most of the local people work in London and pay around £3 748 in travel costs. It is a great city if you are looking for affordable houses and cheap removals. The average prices of houses in the area are around £176 886.

house relocation

2.    Luton is home of one of the most famous international airports near London. The town offers excellent conditions for living near the capital. It is located only 29 minutes away from London by train. In Luton, you can find affordable houses at prices of around £176 921.

3.    Harlow is a charming commuter town that is situated at a distance of around 34 minutes by train from the London Liverpool Street. Locals who work in the city and travel on regular bases pay around £4 276 in travel costs per year.


4.    Braintree is only one hour away from Liverpool Street by train. If you like the calm atmosphere of this small town in Essex, find accommodation and hire a removal company to organize the relocation. As expected the travel costs to London from this commuter town are bigger than the average for most of the towns included on the list, £5 060.

5.    Gravesend has the unique appeal and charisma of a coastal town. Keeping in mind that it is placed just 24 minutes away from London by train, it is not a surprise that Gravesend attracts more and more people who want to live in the area with the affordable prices of housing around £213 528.

coastal town

6.    Stevenage is the perfect commuter town for people who prefer to live very close to London. The prices of houses in the town are around £218 043. Are you tempted to move to Stevenage? Find accommodation and make a moving checklist.

7.    Reading lies only 31 minutes away from London if you are travelling by train. Houses in the area cost around £223 220.

8.    Southend stretches along the Themes Estuary, less than an hour away from London by train. Locals pay around £4492 for travel costs per year. The average price of housing in this beautiful commuter town is £245 291.

London commute

9.    Hatfield is one of the commuter towns around London lying north of the capital. It is a favourite place for commuters who enjoy the excellent living conditions in the city and its proximity to London. Commuters from Hatfield can reach Kings Cross in only 26 minutes. If you are already thinking of cheap removal companies for moving to the town, you should know that the prices of the houses here are around  £247 733.

10.    Crawley is a commuter town located at a close distance to London. People living in the area can reach the capital in around 40 minutes by train to Victoria station. The average house rates in Crawley are around £213 528.