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Wales as a Part of the United Kingdom

Wales is one of the three countries on the island of Great Britain and one of the four countries which makes up the United Kingdom. There are two national and official languages of Wales; these are English and Welsh Gaelic. Welsh Gaelic is the original language of Wales, which is said to be very similar to the original language of Cornwall, which is a county of the South West region of England. Welsh is taught in most schools in Wales, but it is not as commonly spoken as it once was. Wales is less populated than its only neighbouring country of England – which Wales borders to the east.

Open Lands and Agriculture in Wales

Office Removals to WalesWales is better known for its open land, scenery and rural areas, which is why there is a very small population within the whole country. People in rural areas may take on agricultural work in terms of employment and young people often go to the cities and more major areas when they want to look for work. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff, which is one of the main cities in the whole country, along with Swansea and Newport. Cardiff s situated in the south of the country and is a popular place for visitors to visit both from within Wales and from further afield.

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